Home Gym Equipment for Moms

Best Home Gym Equipment for Moms

Working out from home has saved my sanity these last 4 years as a busy mother. Getting to the gym would never in a million years happen. Luckily enough I found these awesome at home workouts, designed by top class trainers and it has been a game changer for me! During pregnancy I utilize my own workouts I developed because a changing mother’s body is so delicate and precises. Anyhow I put together a few of my must need products if you are a busy, at home, workout mom like myself.

What equipment do I need to workout at home?

You honestly do not need much, and it can be a work in progress! A great place to look is Amazon, TJMaxx or even Target if you can get out of the house! I’d say the most important things to start off with are the Resistance Bands, small loop bands and the pre-workout!

  1. KettleBells-These are perfect for one arm movements, kettlebell swings & honestly can be used just like a dumbbell if you don’t want to carry both!
  2. Dumbbells (of course feel free to use children for this step) but in all honesty you can’t live without a pair, or two!
  3. Resistance Bands with door attachment! Totally amazing to switch things up and if you are a traveler! So easy to throw a small band in your bag!
  4. Small Loop bands-Ya’ll, these are AMAZING! I Love, love love them to add extra resistance on my booty; they work great for arm toning too.
  5. Pre-workout My all time favorite “”get the best out of your workout””, all natural plant based formula!
  6. Dry Shampoo-Whether you need a quick spritz after a super sweaty workout or just to get through the day without a hair wash this is the best all natural, vegan based dry shampoo out there..and bonus it has no propane!

Obviously you don’t NEED a pre-workout or a dry shampoo but those are two things that have completely stepped up my home gym game as a busy mother! And I honestly enjoy that pre-workout as a mid-afternoon pick me up to get through those few hours before dinner, dinner, clean up and bath time with my kiddos! I like to mix it with some seltzer and it’s a mommy cocktail! Ha!

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