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Kaitlin Spano here,

As a Pregnancy & Postpartum Educator,  I am passionate about guiding pregnant and postpartum mothers to understand the simple science of their changing bodies so they can prepare for birth physically & recover faster.

I’ve spent the last decade researching and writing in order to help women feel empowered and strong in their bodies throughout every stage of motherhood & how to prepare for birth physically.

If you are terrified of birth and want to know HOW to prepare for birth physically, labor & recovery you have come to the right place!

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Hi Ya! 

I’m Kaitlin, a blogger, wife & homeschooling mother of 5 young children. I am honored to work with women throughout their pregnancy & postpartum journey.  I help you prepare for pregnancy, how to prepare for birth physically & recover faster by empowering you to understand your amazing body design so you can feel strong & confident as a mom.

After tragically losing my best friend to a childbirth related incident & struggling to find reliable information in my own pregnancy & postpartum journey, I began to explore science based strategies that support mothers in the perinatal season. 

The more I read & put into practice throughout my own pregnancies, I realized this information needed to be put out into the world. Moms need to understand their bodies in order to eliminate confusion & false facts, so they can prepare for pregnancy, birth & motherhood. 

With my support you will understand exactly how to navigate body mechanics to prepare for pregnancy & birth physically, and a faster recovery, so be sure to check out the resources listed on this page to get started!

In Loving Memory of Christie Lee Fazio 6/21/83-12/14/13