A little ABOUT ME…I”m a 30 something living out in the country fields of northern New England, with my loving (very Italian) husband, my three amazing kiddos, soon to be four,  our 5 chickens and a duck named Frank. I’m in love with living a simple, minimalist life. I’m oldschool and have a serious love hate relationship with social media and technology…yet I won’t lie to you; I could not survive without Amazon prime—I have my M.Ed degree in  Early Childhood Special Education but being a momma is where my current passion lies. I’m all about positive, down to earth vibes and have been on a life long journey of loving the skin I”m in. Outside of being wife, momma, teacher, self love activist, and positive vibe wanna-be, my ‘side-job’ is that of a “Perinatal Wellness Coach”. I love empowering other mothers to stay strong & fit during pregnancy u0026amp; and motherhood. Understanding how your body changes and how to be confident and capable in your changing body is invaluable. I have my certification in Prenatal/Postnatal Corrective Exercise and thrive off showing women how are bodies work u0026amp; how to keep them strong!


I met my hubby during one of the busiest times of my life (before motherhood!) I was putting myself through graduate school, interning full time, training for my second full marathon and working night hours at a restaurant. Said husband happened to be one of the chef’s at said restaurant. He pursued me for about a month before I finally gave in telling him specifically “I do not date, I will go out with you for a drink, friends only.” Well 6 months later we were engaged and married two months after that. So much for not dating! HA And now at 5.5 years of marriage we are expecting our fourth child…life is good! 


About a year after we were married we got pregnant with our first son Vito Ivano(named after my father in law and my pepere)…he changed my life and made me realize the importance of taking time for me.  A short 18 months later we were blessed with another son, Paolo Gaston (named after my Dad) who showed me what its like to run on very minimal sleep–but he really is one of a kind and such a passionate, empathetic boy. 18 months after Paolo came, we were again blessed with a darling little girl Rosa Marie (named after Carlo’s Nonna and my Memere). Spano 4.0 will be here come June! Motherhood has been one of the BEST damn things I have ever done, yet the most exhausting. Would not trade it for the world. 


I’ve always been one to look at things as ‘the glass is half-full.’ Life is too short to dwell on the negative and live in the past. I don’t like watching the News and think the world would operate on a much more positive vibe if everyone focused on serving others in positive ways. I don’t like drama–just simple, happy, free flowing things, (like tye-dye and amazon prime!) HAHA


Self love never was high on my list. I struggled with a distorted body image all through highschool, college and right up until after I had my first son. I battled an un-diagnosed eating disorder my senior year of high school, and first few years of college. Looking at myself and finally accepting my body for what it IS instead of what it is not, has been a long time coming. I’m happy to say I’m perfectly myself and I want ever other girl/woman out there to feel that too. 


After having my first son I attempted to jump right back into my fitness routine because I was not comfortable in my body. I was a distance runner prior so running was my go too. I suffered from low back pain constantly, pelvic pain and was always peeing myself when I sneezed or coughed or ran. Google and other mothers told me this was normal, so I accepted it. During my third pregnancy, I continued to have the SAME issues, only intensified and I was really frustrated. I was a big fitness guru but I had not felt ‘good’ in SO long. I dove into research and came across Fit For Birth. I decided to sign up for the course to empower myself and learn how to properly care for my body during this perinatal season. (insert mindblown emoji) My life is NOT the same since learning this information. My MISSION is get this information out there to the world, to all mothers! YOU DESERVE IT! 

My business in supporting women during the perinatal season is dedicated to my best friend Christie, who lost her life giving birth to her firstborn. I will never full understand this; yet I am extremely passionate about giving other new moms the knowledge to have the birth experience they envision.