The Secret to Safe Core Exercise During Pregnancy

The step by step plan to exercising your core safely during pregnancy .


Being a Fit, pregnant momma is your goal, but the resources are conflicting on what is safe pregnancy exercise & what isn’t. 


Safe Core Exercise Ebook came about after my own struggle to find adequete, researched backed, scientific information on safe core work during pregnancy. 

The information within this book is the foundation, the secret of success,  that will set you up to stay strong & modify ab work for your growing baby. 

The best part?! Once you learn these tools, you can begin right away to start building that strong core safely. 

This if for you if:

You have concerns on what core exercises are safe during pregnancy? 

You want to know if you can do the same exercise in your first trimester & third trimester. 

You want to know if planks cause Diastasis Recti

You’re desperate to understand how to safely modify ab workouts


You didn’t have to worry about what exercises were safe and what weren’t

You knew the secret to keeping a strong core during pregnancy and eliminating diastasis recti

You knew the changes your body made so you knew exactly how to scale your workout. 



Core Exercise Safety

How to prevent Diastasis Recti

Your core 4 

How to breath through your diaphragm 

Core exercise Do’s & Don’ts

  • Fit Pregnancy Checklist
  • The Power of Your Breath
  • Is Core Exercise Safe?


Understand & educate yourself on the changes your body experiences during pregnancy

So that you can make conscious decisions in your fitness routine. 


What Other Fit Momma's Are Saying

“Safe Core Exercise is a must have for moms! The exercises are simple, safe, and effective. Kaitlin’s passion for educating moms shines through in this E-book. She brings to light information about women’s bodies that can be used during pregnancy and beyond!”---
Catherine Wilde
“I love how you can only take a few minutes in your day and get it done [Core Restore], thought it was great!”
Lauren W



-->The FULL Core Restore program includes: >6 week series of videos guiding you through proper core restoration, >6 Tutorial videos on breathing properly >Interval walking guide >Pelvic floor & breathing guide for those who may have just given birth This IS the postpartum blueprint created Just for you Momma!

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