3 Reasons to Switch to All Natural Deodorant

3 Reasons to Switch to All Natural Deodorant

I have been on a mission to reduce toxins in my home and Deodorant for the B-O was one of them. Last  summer I really had enough of trying to find one and stopped using one altogether. I figured whatever, a little B-O won’t kill me and hopefully won’t kill the person that comes close to me right?!

Now I have tried EVERYTHING, from a crystal rock to not using anything at all. I am a prone sweater I’d say, I exercise daily and I have whacky hormones still from having 3 babies in 3 years, and soon to be number 4 in 6 weeks time.


Because over the counter, drugstore deodorant is filled with toxins that are causing you more harm than good. They are hurting your body and also linked to several health issues such as, hormone disruption, infertility, cancer, autoimmune disorders and more. Hate to break it to ya but the United States allows over 3,000 toxins to be into our everyday beauty products. I want to share with you THREE ingredients that you REALLY need to steer clear off. Knowledge is power right?!

  1. FRAGRANCE: Obviously smelling good is of high importance but if you see this listed on your deodorant it is really telling you that this ‘FRAGRANCE” is a concoction of over 3,000 toxins! And they are all related to so many health issues. Synthetic, man-made smells are some of the most toxic ingredients….like EW.  
  2. PHTHALATES: Phthaletes is that part of the deodorant that when you put it on it will stay there and work its ‘magic’. It is that chemical make-up that creates a smooth application and releases all that fragrance smells. However these phthalates disrupt your endocrine disruptors and are linked to birth defects.

  3. ALUMINUM: Drug-store grade deodorant contains aluminum because it blocks your pores and stops perspiration. Ideally you would think this is a GOOD thing to stop the body odor but NOOOO…sweating is a natural process and you WANT to sweat. Blocking your sweat disrupts your body’s natural hormonal rhythm.



During this switch I learned that the SWEAT is not the enemy! This is our body’s normal process to detox and keep our body well balanced.his is where many will struggle and think that the deodorant is not working but IT IS! You will probably smell MORE than you are used to but that is GOOD. Your body is releasing all those toxins from who knows how many years. This detox period is vital so that your sweat glands can re-balance! Trust me & trust the process! I promise it will be worth it and your pits be thanking you.


Natural deodorant does not contain those toxic ingredients or chemicals so you will find that you only need one or two swipes of the natural product! So Less is MORE; we all love that right?! Swiping more means less money spent on deodorant, and less product build up on your cute tee-shirts!


Your daily habits will make a big difference in your sweat health too folks. Moving your body and sweating daily will help you sweat glands get back to normal and will actually help you sweat less believe it or not! Focusing on whole foods and lots of water over highly processed foods will also help your body back into balance!

Switching to a natural deodorant does NOT have to be scary! Or gross; it is going to make you feel better, smell better and renew your health; I mean who doesn’t want that?! I”m proof that it’s worth it!


Switching to all natural deodorant may feel like a chore, and you may think ya know its JUST deodorant! However if you notice the trends in our society cancer is on the rise, specifically breast cancer. Studies are demonstrating that breast cancer and other thyroid issues have a direct correlation with aluminum and other toxins that are present in our use of deodorant. 

I cannot make you switch your deodorant. But you have the right to be informed and make a conscious choice. The United States has very lax regulations around what is put into our beauty products today and its sad to think that some of these pressing health concerns could be prevented if there were more strict regulations. 

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