5 Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Today I want to share 5 reasons WHY you should be moving everyday during pregnancy and NOT sitting on the the couch eating icecream, as fun as that sounds it is only going to leave you feeling drained physically and emotionally.

Why Exercise During Pregnancy?

Because you are training for pregnancy, labor, birth AND motherhood! You NEED to be strong & healthy.

As long as your Doctor has given you the go ahead and you have no pressing complications during pregnancy, than you SHOULD be making movement a daily part of your routine!  It benefits you and baby in SO, SO many ways, you will stay healthier, baby will be healthier, labor and delivery will be better and your postpartum healing will even be, well you guessed it…BETTER.

Being  pregnant with my FOURTH in four short years,  I have experienced staying active through all of them. My perspective has changed a great deal about the way I move but I’m still moving!

I work with many women on a daily basis, many of whom are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or already had their baby. The number ONE thing that pregnant mothers tell me when they find out they are pregnant? “I can’t workout anymore. I’m pregnant.” OR “I’m trying to get pregnant so why start working out now?” OR “I’m pregnant what exercises are safe?!” 

Ya’ll if this is what the majority of women are telling me, than we, society, as a whole are not doing our job to share ENOUGH about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating during pregnancy.

5 Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

1. To tone, train and strengthen your body for pregnancy, you are training it for the thralls of motherhood that are going to come full force once baby is here. If you had signed up to run a half marathon you wouldn’t do so without a plan right? Pregnancy is no different! You should go into your labor and delivery feeling strong, healthy and ready for baby! I don’t know about you but being stronger FOR pregnancy & motherhood is probably number one on my list.

2. To reduce stress.

Pregnancy is not always easy, and for those who are experiencing your first pregnancy, it can be very overwhelming! You are not sure what to expect and everyone seems to tell you horror stories which only adds to your stress. Exercise will reduce that stress and have you feeling ready for anything!

3. To promotes muscle tone and better posture.

As your belly expands outwards it puts on a strain on all your muscles and your posture. When you strength train and stretch appropriately you will maintain proper posture and support proper gait so you stay balanced and in alignment. This is going to prevent common aches & pains that are typically associated with pregnancy.

4. It can decrease the need for interventions during childbirth.

Exercise allows you to build strength, stamina, and endurance. All of those things you will need during childbirth, and exercise will allow you to withstand the childbirth process longer. Research has been conduced that those who exercise during pregnancy have a lower chance of experiencing interventions during childbirth.

5. Reduce excess weight gain and increase your confidence. 

You will gain weight during pregnancy, its a given fact and  I wish someone told me this when I was pregnant with my first. Gaining weight is a good thing as long as it is done in moderation, your doctor will monitor this for you. (I gained 40/45lbs with all three of my pregnancies, and I think I was 50lb with this last one..) Exercise produces feel good hormones in your body and allows you to see your body in healthy light vs negative one.

I hope this encourages you to keep moving before, during and after your pregnancy. I know that every woman’s pregnancy and birth is different but I truly believe that the reason I had three non-medicated, vaginal birth’s with no complications is because I stayed consistent with my exercise routine. I had a PLAN to follow and strengthened muscles that need specific strengthening during pregnancy.

Learn how to strengthen your core safely to help you push that babe out in my Free Core Basics Course! Do you know what your TVA is?! If you don’t then Momma you NEED to go through this quick mini course! It is going to aid you during labor & delivery.

Cheering for you!




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