5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit and Have Fun with Your Baby

Today I am really excited to share a guest post with you from my dear friend Catherine over at Simply Joyful Journey! Enjoy!

Catherine Wilde is a homeschooling mom of three and a kids yoga instructor. She is passionate about helping moms bring more calm and fun into their day through self care. For more on Motherhood & Self Care visit simplyjoyfuljourney.com. And don’t forget to download your Free Mom & Baby Activities Cheat Sheet!

[Disclaimer –  Always check with your health care provider and before beginning any exercise program. Be mindful and listen to your body and your baby.]

5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit and Have Fun with Your Baby

Congratulations on your little one!

The first years are such a precious time. Holding and loving on your sweet baby is such a beautiful experience.

These first few years are a wonderful time to make memories that you will treasure forever.

How Can You Bond with Your Baby and Still Make Time to Take Care of You?

Moms have a lot to do!

We take care of the baby, the house, the pets, and still make time for our spouse.

Sometimes mom life can feel overwhelming.

By the time you take care of all the people and things on your list you might may not have any time or energy left to take care of you.

Self care, especially for moms, is so important! When we take time to care for ourselves we have more energy,  patience, & love to give to our family.

But how can we do all the things and still have time for self care?

Tips & Tricks for Busy Moms

There are so many responsibilities we have as moms, but there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of your time, while also having fun with your baby.

1 – Take Your Baby for a Walk – Put your baby in a stroller and go for a walk. You might like to walk around the neighborhood, or a local park, or maybe even take them on a trip to the zoo! Going for a walk or a jog is amazing exercise for mom and the steady rhythm of stroller may even lull your baby to sleep. If your baby is awake you can talk with your baby. Tell your little one about all the beautiful things you see along the way.

2 – Wear Your Baby – Baby wearing is a wonderful way to bond with your little one. The extra weight of the baby makes an awesome workout for you. The closeness of you and your baby adds that special connection, while freeing up your hands to take care of things around the house or while you are out and about. You can also talk with your baby about what you are doing. And since the top of your baby’s head is likely positioned right beneath your nose, you may even want to breathe in the sweet scent of your baby.

3 – Dance With Your Baby – Moms naturally rock their babies. You can add a little more connection and movement by dancing with your baby. Putting on a song for the two of you to enjoy or singing a song for your sweet baby are ways that you can strengthen your connection, while adding more movement to your day.

4 – Plies/Squats – Holding your baby or wearing your baby in a front carrier, making sure your baby’s head is supported. Do some plies. You might like to incorporate a little nursery rhyme or song, like the itsy bitsy spider, to describe the up and down motions to your baby.

5 – Yoga with your Baby – Yoga is a wonderful workout for moms. Especially after giving birth. Doing some gentle yoga and listening to the wisdom of your body can help to ease some of the aches and pains that accompany the long nights that often come with feeding and soothing an infant.

Yoga is also great for babies. It can help with their motor development, sleep, and aid in digestion!

To add an extra playful touch to your yoga session, you may like to add some silly faces or maybe play peek a boo as you move through some yoga poses with your little one.

Team Work!

You and your baby are a team. Listen to your baby and see if she is receptive to your chosen activity. When both of you are enjoying the activity, you create more space for intimacy and bonding.

More Fun Ideas!

These are just some of the ways that you and your little one can make precious memories and get some movement in your day. Check out this free cheat sheet for even more ideas!

Guest Post by Catherine Wilde of simplyjoyfuljourney.com

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