10 Pregnancy Essentials For the Fit Momma

As I am currently on my 4th pregnancy, I’ve researched all the things, and used all the things. What it comes down too is that you don’t really need ALL THE THINGS. But you WILL want these 10 Essentials things to survive your pregnancy. Let it be known I’m a SIMPLE, clutter free kinda woman; yet I recommened these 10 items to all newly pregnant women!

What should I buy first pregnancy?

You will want these 10 things! And the best part is they will last through more than just your first pregnancy if you plan to have multiples!

1. BaoBei Support Band

I found this Pro Sport support band during my second pregnancy and it was the best investment I ever made for my belly/back and baby! It is designed specifically for a woman’s body as it grows a mini human. I know that my ability to stay active until giving birth for all my babies was possible with this support. Not only did it provide support for my big ol’ belly, it helped lessen back pain from picking up my other young children!! Suzanne is a woman’s  physical therapist & designed this specifically for our changing bodies!

2. ForTwo Fitness Tank/ Pants:

These tanks/shirts are a MUST if you are a fitness buff–and honestly even if you don’t enjoy fitness that much. Not only do they have tons of cute sayings on the front, the comfort, material and stretch of this design fits over your bump through all stages! It is made with runching on the side–so it literally grows WITH you and even at 40 weeks pregnant it will cover the belly when nothing else can.

The pants–I invested in a pair of these not until my third pregnancy and I wish I had not waited so darn long! You can fold them up or down depending on your needs. Again the material, comfort and stretch of these is not comparable. You don’t have to worry about the bum part stretching out so thin everyone can see your hiney either!

3. Motherhood Maternity Tanks :

These are great during pregnancy and after. I’m one of those weird people that has to wear a cami under her shirts at all times–I don’t know why, some weird habit I suppose. And pregnancy was no different! I enjoyed the fit of these as I have a long torso and that still didn’t matter–my entire belly was covered through all stages.

Postpartum they work awesome because if you are a breastfeeder–you just have to unclip and whip out the boob, and not expose your entire belly.

4. Raspberry Tea:

Raspberry is an old age, traditional herb that helps to tone and strengthen your uterus. I drank this through all my pregnancies; It is not too strong yet has a mild sweetness to it. Winding down at the end of your day with a warm cup of tea and your feet up is perfecto; if its summer and hot you can make it with ice!

5. Prenatal:

This has the naturally occurring form of Folate, not the man made synthetic Folic Acid you need to be cautious about. It is powder form which I just open and put into my daily smoothie so I can’t even taste it. I prefer powder form because it is adsorbed into your body that much more. It also has Vitamin D and DHA in it; the less ‘pill’s I have to take the better! Plus it was developed by a busy military mom and wife; and I love that!

6. Old Navy Jeans:

When you hit the third trimester jeans are a rare occasion (for me anyhow!); however–its nice to have at least ONE pair on hand for a date night out, or church, or any other occasion you should wear more than yoga pants. These have been my favorite since #1. The panel does get annoying the further along you are and I would just fold it down if I had too. My experience though. I had a friend give me a pair that had the wide elastic band–these worked only for a very short time–they cut into my sides way too much for my liking and were quickly not in use for me.

7. Primally Pure Toxin Free Skincare-I struggled SO hard with my skin during pregnancy and wanting to cut out toxins; I found this company during my third pregnancy and WISH I had found them years ago! Hands down the BEST. I personally use the Cleansing Oil, Everything Spray, Baby Balm and the Deodorant! The Baby Balm is fantastic for rubbing on your stretched out belly and for baby’s bottom when/if it gets red.

8. Body Pillow:

This is very helpful as your belly gets bigger you will want it to keep your back in alignment and help support your belly as you sleep. You can use a body pillow too but I found this always worked best and it was worth the investment and my sleep!

9.Non-Toxic Hair Products:

During pregnancy I was really on a quest to to eliminate toxins in my beauty products because I knew that what I put IN body was as important as what I put ON my body. Baby eats/absorbs whatever we use right?! It honestly took me 3 pregnancies to finally find this hair company. Obviously I wish I had found it sooner but the products are great, supported my hair growth during my postpartum hair loss and have really improved the overall quality of my hair.

10 Strong For Birth Fitness Guide:

This guide I created for all my pregnant Momma’s out there. It is a step by step guide to exercising during your pregnancy. All workouts are pregnancy safe, focus on your core breathing (essential for birth!) and builds strength in your body to keep it strong & fit during a time of instability. I followed the entire guide my 4th pregnancy and felt stronger than any other pregnancy. It is highly recommended!

Becoming pregnant can be very overwhelming, looking at what will support you and what you REALLY need is even more overwhelming. I selected the top 10 items that I use daily, not only during pregnancy but after; so they will serve you for a lifetime!

Congrats on your Pregnancy Momma!


**There are affiliate links throughout my blog posts. Our website receives an extremely small amount of commission if you purchase through the links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! I only recommend products that I personally use and have in our little home. **

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