Postpartum Healing Quickstart Guide

Congrats on that new baby Momma! 

Your baby is here and it may seem that all the flashy lights are over, the newness has worn off and no one told you what postpartum was REALLY going to be about. 

  • The bleeding
  • The hormones
  • The tears
  • The cracked nipples
  • The thick pads
  • Feeling anxious
  • Your body after baby
  • weight loss
  • Working out? HOW?

If you’re anything like me you may have had all these feelings and then some. 

I made this Postpartum Quick Start Guide for you so you know exactly where to start when you’re ready to jump back on the exercise train. 
However HEALING comes before that; so this guide is created in hopes that you allow yourself to HEAL first; from the inside out. 

Remember your body just grew a baby! Give yourself grace and in no time you’ll be back doing the things you love. 

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