10 Exercises to Reduce Stress as a Pregnant Momma

10 Exercises to Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

These 10 exercises will reduce any stress you are experiencing as a pregnant Momma!

Pregnancy is a wonderful season of life for all those who are blessed to grow life. However it can also be a very stressful time. Specifically for those of you in your first pregnancy. I feel that my first pregnancy was the most stressful me; specifically during the last few months as I had NO idea what to expect for labor and birth. 

Because pregnancy can be such an anxious and stressful time, I’d like to share with you 10 of my top tips for reducing stress in your life. The reality of it is, if we are stressed, our baby is stressed! Studies show that women who are highly stressed give high stress to their babies also;

10 Ways to Reduce Stress for the Pregnant Momma:

  1. BREATHE: Learn how to connect to your inner core and breathe through your diaphragm. Focusing on your breathe is an instant stress reliever putting your body back to its parasymthetic state. 
  2. WALK-Getting out for a walk, breathing in fresh air is another way to get your blood flowing, happy endorphins flowing & again focuses on your breathing to help calm you. 
  3. YOGA-Yoga is an excellent way to work on your breathing, stertch and relax your muscles and bring a clamness to your day. 
  4. MEDITATION-Mediation does not have to take hours while sitting on a cushion surronded by water sounds. Meditation can take place in as little as one minute, anywhere, anytime. Taking several moments throughout your day 
  5. TVA BREATHING-Breathing deepingly through your transverse will help you feel stable and prepare you for the later stages of pregnancy and help you prepare for birth. Feeling prepared reduces stress! 
  6. SQUATS-Adding in squats to your everyday (think how many times you really DO squat on a daily basis!) while adding in your breathing exercercies will help prepare your body for labor, increase blood flow & happy endorphines. 
  7. LUNGES– adding in lunges to your everyday life while adding in your breathing exercercies will help prepare your body for labor, increase blood flow & happy endorphines. 
  8. HIKE-Getting outside in nature automatically puts your system at ease reducing stress.
  9. SWING-Act like a kiddo right?! Swinging is very mediative as it puts your body into a steady rhyhm. 
  10. DANCE-Whether its dancing in your living room with your undies or salsa dancing, moving your body freely is calming and reduces stress. 

I hope these 10 exercises will help you reduce stress in your everyday life as you anticapte the exciting day you will meet your little one. 



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